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What our customers are saying about us  ...

"I have contracted APC for tree and stump removal on my personal property. I was extremely happy with the results and will be using APC services in the future.”

– Mitch Osborn

HCHS Athletic Director

“This is APC’s second visit to our home. They were timely, efficient, cost effective and cleaned up the yard very nicely.  I already have plans on having them come back for more tree work.”

– Alan Mores

Publisher & Editor

Harlan Tribune

"We took out four mature trees this winter which involved moving electrical lines and being cautious about not hitting some of our farm buildings and they did a great job of removing the trees, limbs and debris taking everything down to dirt level. As they promised, they called the day before they were to arrive so I was able to get off work and help.  All things considered a great job and we’ll have ‘em back."

- Dennis Schwery


"APC explained to me from the start-to-the-finish how they were going to remove my very large tree — be it inclement weather, or where they were taking the waste tree limbs and then cleaning up afterwards – they delivered as promised."

- Phil Perkins



All Purpose Contractors is a family-owned LLC, owned by Brad and Kelsey Schechinger.

Brad is a Shelby County native with extensive ag and contracting work. While his wife, Kelsey¹s family,

has been in excavation and demolition work for many years in the Montezuma, Iowa area.

“Over 100 years combined experience in the industry”



When it comes to tree removal and tree repair we offer the experience and knowledge with our qualified team of experts to do the job right for you.


Whether you have a tree to be removed or damaged trees, we have you covered. Keeping your trees properly trimmed keeps them looking beautiful and balanced. It stimulates growth within the tree and promotes a lusher appearance.


We provide a full spectrum of excavation services. We believe in providing the best services available to get the job done on time, on budget, and without complications by offering site solutions to your specific needs.


• Home Improvements Projects

 • Replacement Windows, Siding, Doors

• Landscape and Concrete

• Patios • Decks • Three Season Rooms


• Licensed and insured Lawn Chemical Applicator


• Dozing • Back Hoe • Track Hoe

• Building Site Prep • Site Cleanup


We can perform on projects large and small with precision, safety and efficiency. Our family business has extensive demolition experience and have successfully completed numerous projects safely and efficiently.


Professional, Insured

• Environmentally safe cleaning options

• Need organizational help with your home, garage or storage, just ask

Kelsey Schechinger, 641-891-7701


Located in Harlan, providing service

to greater Southwest Iowa.

Contact us for more information about

 our services or for a free estimate request.

Financing options available.


Our Eastern Iowa Location

601 Front Street

Montezuma, IA 50171

All Purpose Contractors

Brad Schechinger, owner

1132 Larchwood Lane

Harlan, IA 51537

Tel: (712) 579-4609


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